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On December 20th, join us to sing and celebrate science and civilization.

Since our earliest days, humans have worked to transform winter from a season of darkness into a festival of light. Through community and technology, people across the world have taken the longest night and created something beautiful.

That deserves to be celebrated. Last year, you guys kickstarted a new holiday that honors the people of the past, revels in the world we’ve created together, and looks forward to a future that’s even better. We raised over $8000 to fund a huge event in NYC, and other people across the world ran their own events inspired by it.

This year we want to do more. We want to do another great event in New York, giving 150 people a unique, intimate and transformative experience. We also want to help run other public events, and people in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and LA are ready to make it happen.

But we need your help. Please support the kickstarter, and help us raise enough money to turn this holiday into a new cultural phenomenon!

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• Support the Kickstarter •